Reboss sunscreen SPF 50+

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The ingredients :

Avophosphon-homosalates-octetalsal-octocryline-oxyphenzo-cucumber extract-leaf tea tree extracts-carrot oil-vitamin-e-zinc oxide-titanium dioxide-octylmethoxicinamate

Interest and use :

– Provides the maximum protection (physical and chemical) of the skin from harmful sun rays by containing a group of active elements in the prevention and money from the sun
– protects the skin and skin cells from the direct exposure of the sun
– Provides full safety of sunburn and protection against signs of aging
– Contains a set of antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun
– Fast absorption and leaves no effect on the skin
– Does not cause the appearance of acne, GERD, has no smell, waterproof
– Protect skin from sunburn and sunburn
– Use before sun exposure half an hour and repeat when needed

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