Sun Top lotion SPF 50

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  • Product info
  • Sun top provide Broad spectrum sun protection from UVA and UVB because it contains many chemical and physical sunscreens
  • Sun top rich with anti-oxidants like green tea extract to protect skin
  • Sun top is clear,non oily,non comedogenic,water resistant and non fragrance
  • Used for dry, normal skin or with small areas
  • How to use
  • Apply enough amount to your skin before sun exposure
  • Can be used 15 minutes before putting on your makeup
  • Reapply sun top when needed or if it gets wiped off
  • دواعي الاستعمال
  • Sun blocking and protecting effect for the face and body preventing skin pigmentation, sunburn and the harmful effect of UV radiation
  • Package 50 gm
  • المكونات
  • Avobenzone-Homosalate-Octisalate-Octocrylene-Oxybenzone-Green tea ext.-Cucumber ext.-Carrot oil-Vitamin E-Glycerin-Zinc oxide-Titanium dioxide-Mineral oil-Probylene glycol-paraffin-triethanolamine

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Sun top


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