About Us

Novex pharma is a cosmoceutical company established in 2013, our headquarters is located in Cairo.our aim is to provide the market with high quality,high efficacy and high safety  profile products. We offer a diversity of products ranging between cosmoceutical and herbal drugs.Our company has grown over the years and now we are one of the leading companies with more than 150 employees.We are always making sure that the customer is the core of our business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to one of be the top ten leading company in Egyptian cosmoseuticl market in the next five years and expanding in other potential markets worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to care, cure and lead Our goal is to be the best choice for our customer, delivering the highest quality, lead the Egyptian market, expand in other fast growing markets worldwide with our innovative brands

Our Values

Our values shape everything that we do as a business and form the basis of our relationships with all our stakeholders. Our values also underpin our approach to sustainable development where we continue to set challenging performance targets. Our values are articulated under the headings of Performance, Innovation and Trust. PERFORMANCE means being responsive to the needs of our customers, setting ourselves clear goals & standards and achieving them. We deliver quality and value in our products and services that provide quantifiable social and economic benefits. Our products technique and service developments reduce suffering, speed recovery and therefore not only enhances the quality of life of our patients but also makes financial burdens of such injury less impactful. INNOVATION means being energetic, creative and passionate about everything we do. We are looking forward to anticipating customers’ needs, overcoming barriers and developing opportunities. We encourage and support new ideas, and are always seeking to improve lives by pursuing effective and safe product and service innovations. TRUST is something we realize that we have to earn. We earn it by being approachable and listening to others. We work hard to build lasting and close relationships with our customers, colleagues and the communities in which we operate, always looking for clean and clear relation with our business partners. We have integrity and an ethical approach to business. Our Code of Business Ethics defines our relationships with all of our stakeholders, and outlines the behaviors and conduct they should expect from us in dealings with them.